Indians Entrepreneurs using EB5 Route to Setup & Expand Business in US

Indians Entrepreneurs using EB5 route to setup & expand business in US

Setting up & Expanding business in US is a dream for many Entrepreneurs & Businessmen from across the Globe. The promising business opportunities in US have been attracting alien entrepreneurs in a big way.

Immigrant foreign entrepreneurs are making big in the US economy . In fact some of the Top American Companies ( Google , Intel , Yahoo ) are promoted by the immigrant investor program .Also some of these leading american companies are founded by foreign entrepreneurs who migrated to the US through different channels decades ago.

But expanding or starting a business in USA has never been easy for the Global Entrepreneurs . There are visa hurdles ,travel restrictions ,legal issues ,complex corporate laws ,lack of knowledge of US Business setups & Companies .

Nevertheless , things are changing quickly for the Global Entrepreneurs withEB5 Visa Program .This US Investor Visa Program is giving access to US Market for the hundreds of Business Entrepreneurs & Investors from across the world .

EB5 Program allows the immigrant investor as well as the foreign business entrepreneurs a fast-track path to US green cards & permanent residency. Under the program , the immigrant investors needs to invest Half a Million to 1 Million dollars in US Commercial enterprise and venture thereby creating a minimum of 10 jobs in the US, and by doing this the applicants are granted the US Green Cards for themselves & their immediate family members . EB5 has given more reasons for immigrant investors to invest in USA who want to setup & expand their businesses in US .

Potential Entrepreneurs & Businessmen from Asian countries like India , China are using the EB-5 Visa program as entry platform for their business into the US .

From India , different types of entrepreneurs are using EB5 program accordingly to fulfill their different business aspirations — The Gujarati Entrepreneurs seeking Hotels , The Southern Indian Entrepreneurs seeking IT businesses , The Punjabi Entrepreneurs seeking Petrol Pumps Business & similarly there are diverse of set business communities in India seeking fortune in US .

According to the recent reports ,The EB-5 program is attracting a large number of hospitality entrepreneurs from Gujarat who are keen on setting up shop in the US or investing in Hotel projects.

With EB5 ,The Indian businessmen now does not have to suffer from visa delays , travel restrictions which are imposed by US authorities from time to time as with EB5 visa , these entrepreneurs can work & travel freely anywhere in USA and without any limit & restrictions .

As per experts , the EB5 program is giving a certain set of privileges & benefits to alien entrepreneurs against those on regular business & executive visas . These EB5 Foreign Entrepreneurs have more opportunities to expand , tie- up or partner with their counterpart american companies” and going by the numbers more & more US Companies are now willing to associate with foreign businessmen who are on EB5 as there is great potential for long term partnership with them . Beside these advantages , Indian Entrepreneurs are also getting access to “Top Notch Brand & Multi Billion Dollar projects” via EB5 route.

EB5 option is very good for the entire business family and their children as they are able to live, study, work and settle down in USA .EB-5 investors have the freedom to live anywhere in the USA .

Another important aspect is that many overseas business entrepreneurs are liking the EB5 program due to the freedom or flexibility to choose active or passive participation . For those looking for passive or limited business association with EB5 , they just have to invest the money and in return they will get green card without having to actively participate in the business.

Apart from the regular businessmen and entrepreneurs seeking US entry & expansion, EB5 visa is also viewed as an innovative platform by new start ups or first generation entrepreneurs from India & China for establishing and investing in prominent start up hubs like Silicon Valley .

These Indian Entrepreneurs are consulting some experienced EB-5 firms who are offering them the right advice & expertise and are backed by a team of qualified professionals and good setups in India itself .These specialized EB5 firms are not only helping the Businessmen & Investors with EB5 visa requirements but also offering them relevant projects for investments & similar services.

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