Yes, You too can become an American Venture Capitalist

So you want to invest in Startups . So you want to invest in Next Facebook , Google , Apple . So you want to invest in Next Big Tech Startups brewing in US. So you want to become “The Big American Venture Capitalist”.

Can you assume that how much money you would have made if you had invested in Amazon, Dell, Apple, or Microsoft, when they were in early or start up stages, you would be million dollars richer just from small amount investment at that stage.

Investing in startups via VCs is what many intelligent, successful, wealthy individuals around the world do when they have to make good money & fortune.

But while there are best practices to follow when venture investing into early stage & high potential start-ups, there might be possibility that you might not succeed like pro-Venture Capitalist . Investing in early-stage startups is truly an art as there is no sure shot formula to invest and succeed like US Venture Capitalist .

But How one can invest like the big American VC ? There are 3 simple routes that Indian investor can explore :

The Career Route: Go to an Top US Business School -Ivy League , Wharton, Intern in a US VC Firm, Join as an Analyst , Grow up the ranks — Senior Analyst, Principal and wait for decades to acquire the expertise to make billions in VC Business.

The Entrepreneurial Route: Go out and build your company, Successfully exit., if not try again, If not try again. By now you either know how to build and exit, or know enough of what not to do .Go ahead and invest in companies and make your money.

The VC Firm Route : Select US VC Firms , Invest in the VC Firms & Products , Bank on their start up investing expertise and skills, Build Portfolio . Make Money .

The Third Route — The VC Firm Route is one of the best recommended route to invest in US Start ups & Promising Companies. This option also gives the Indian Investor to invest in US sitting at home in India .

Now given the fact that VC investments & start up investments activity takes place around the Globe and why we are particularly idolizing the US Venture Capitalist is because of multiple reasons .

First of all , the size of US VC Market is in billions dollars and even last year US witnessed close to 3617 Deals worth $ 47.3 Billion of VC Investments . Also the US VC Market is way ahead with Global VC Markets in terms of size & depth.

Another important aspect which makes US as the Hub of Venture Capital is going by the calculations , from the beginning of the VC industry in the average the US VCs have given double digits and multiple folds returns .

The US Venture Capitalist had already made a big name for themselves in the world VC & Start up investments scenario with many success stories like Peter Thiel, Ram Shriram, Accel ,Tiger Global -because the companies they backed — Facebook, Google — have become household names and star for the new world economy.

Also US Venture Capitalist invest in primarily all segments of companies -small or newly created or existing companies with high growth potential. These Start ups might be in in fast growing sectors of the so-called “new economy”, such as information technology, biotechnology and health care and in traditional business sectors so called “old economy”

While US venture capitalists have been able to reap millions of dollars from their smart investments and expertise .They have the right experience, industry expertise, research, and money — all things that a regular person might not have when looking at a VC investment .

For an Indian Investor who want to invest in the next big thing ,The VC market in the United States is perhaps more accessible for startups now than at any point in history. There are different ways by which the Indian Investors can Cash Out from Investing in Startups-The startup is acquired by another company , The startup goes IPO, The company begins paying dividends ,Investors sell their shares to other investors

Hence there is no denying the fact now that if any Indian Investor wants any chance of boosting their returns they need to think and invest like a American Venture Capitalist.

But unless and until you are accredited investors which the VCs normally tap into there are bleak chances that you will make to VC Club ever , thus comes in the role “Capital Raise & Investment Advisory Firms”

The investors in India are now being facilitated by some US based Capital Raise & Investment Advisory firms who have dedicated offshore offices in many Indian Locations like Gurgaon .

These firms are helping the Indian Investor to invest smartly , efficiently & profitably by offering series of best US VC firms and their pre-vetted startups , with due-diligence in selecting the right VC Investment opportunity , building portfolio of best Startups and helping these Indian Investors to search for the unicorn start-up opportunity that will turn out to be the next big thing.

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