Is Facebook Still A Usable Interface?

In light of recent reports of Facebook citing how Facebook is attributing to the fake news and echo chamber epidemic, there comes a point when you have to wonder if their current layout and interface are still functional for their current audience. Despite the ever-evolving updates to their SEO mechanics for business pages, Facebook’s actual layout hasn’t been drastically updated since 2012 — two years over the reported expiration date for a website’s design.

A Limited Number of Options

The current layout still has its issues as well. Pages have a select number of layouts available (that, frankly, all look the same) with key information squished into tiny boxes on one side, and a list of options people hardly use on the other. There are, however, a select number of external options that can be applied to your browser. The Windows 10 operating platform supports a Facebook app which has a streamlined layout that helps the webpage load faster and perform better. Chrome also has a Facebook extension that optimizes the current layout to provide a more streamlined look and usability.

Looking at the Complete Picture

However, despite the usability these provide, neither of them can help with customizing both the news feed and page layout options. These, unfortunately, would only be available through Facebook’s official design team, which seems to be more focused on their Instagram and Snapchat competition then making their website a useable platform for all.