Her Silent Footsteps..

A Father’s perception when he got his abducted princess back

Her silent footsteps which made my day,
It’s a feeling of mysticism, opens a new chapter in my life’s way,
Shining like a placid moon beam,
Exploring horizons of my dream.
Not a matter which I can make others, understand much,
It’s difficult to drape my sentiments such.
The first sight of my princess,
After hours of sadness and days of distress.
Lost was she in the crowd of inhumanity,
So was lost my breath, my hopes and my identity.
A day when we were out to be immersed in the beauty of nature,
And as an impulsive force, near to me there was some insane creature.
My toddler was plucked from me,
I pleaded every single being I could see.
To bring my heartbeat back,
None responded and she was lost in dark.
Since a week, I was living as dead,
With no dreams and future ahead.
Suddenly today, I heard a noise;
My ears heard the most ever melodious song,
Liveliness flew inside me and I rose;
It was the moment which I waited for long.
I got my lost gift back from God,
Into our house when her silent footsteps followed.

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