I was here, long ago, my feet treading my path, this crunch of leaves.

I was here, once alone and together, in the heartland of hope. My feet walked the path that tore my heart and brought my tears, delivered with ribbons fresh and dirty from spring.

Once, I heard screams, my own, and once I made them, I could not unhear. My eyes bleed, my heart thrumming to the rhythm of our feet, stepping, surely, out of rhythm with our soul.

The magic was gone. I walked, brimming, simmering, terror. Is this how others live? Guessing, missing, suffocating beneath thoughts, their own

I realized our strength then, humanity’s harsh laughter. To love, to be loved, to feel alone?

Once our steps bring us near, our heart will thrum again. Don’t worry, little one. Hands will be held and into the darkness, we weep. But ‘til then.

We walk.

Into the darkness and into the light. We found a path through the darkness and light, but my heart is silent and the light shines imaginary.

It’s a fragment of a dream of a memory long ago

I am insane, I think, perhaps yes.

My steps must change to create escape. Must. To hear, I must be free. But I cannot. Cannot.

What do I change to escape?

Once this path is walked, do I ever unhear? Please. Please. Why.