Spreading Joy & Occasionally Awkward Compliments

Be honest. Share compliments. Remember to say thank you.


Honestly — ha — it’s really fun to find a positive spin on things. Finding that one thing you appreciate about a person or their outfit or a situation is a game changing mind-changer.

Pretty much everything and everyone has at least one good thing about them. Why not tell them?

Send that nice email or tell a manager a staff member did great with you. Message a friend to say thank you for being in your life. Or that you love their hair. Or “that this is really random, but I fucking love your earrings. They are seriously amazing.”

Because can you imagine getting that in your inbox? That’s amazing. Really, really amazing. Share your positive thoughts. Find positive things to get excited about. Light the world with your compliments :)


Men and women alike deserve to hear that they are great, beautiful, intelligent, wonderful people.

There is, of course, endless social nuance to not coming off as weird here, but seriously. Try. Awkwardness is sometimes worth it.


Tell a cashier you like their scarf. Tell your partner you love holding their hand. Tell yourself that you look freaking fine and you are an incredible, powerful, wonderful person. Tell your mom that you love them. Even if it’s hard. Not if it’s not true, but do it even if it’s hard.

Smile at yourself in the mirror. Smile that honest, true, “hello it’s really awesome to see you” smile for yourself. Make yourself laugh. Practice lightheartedness, because life is kind of depressing otherwise.

And lightheartedness needs practice. It’s hard, man. Sheesh, it’s hard. But worth it. So, incredibly, worth it.

Appreciate Yourself

You’re great. I appreciate you.

When You Need It, Ask

Ask for a compliment. It’s okay to say, “hey, my brain is being dumb today. Can you tell me I’m pretty?” or smart or worthy or important or totally, definitely not an imposter. You can tell that “imposter syndrome to crawl back to the nasty footlocker it came out of,” my friend told me as I worried about writing and sharing my work. And I got that high five of encouragement because I asked.

Realize when you need help or are starting on a mental spiral that you don’t want to be in. Ask. Believe the compliment you receive. Breathe. Move on.

You got this.

And, hey boys — you’re pretty, too. You’re allowed to get compliments, too. Has someone told you that your eyes are really pretty? And that subtle scruff. Love it, man. Keep it up.