Strange like fiction

Hope no one finds this.. yet, it’s exciting to see what one might take away from this new venture of mine.

Grooving to a beautiful song by an unknown band’s, I just can’t even seem to gather enough resources from listening to write this.

And the song seems apt. Eighty Ninety sings ‘Heartbreaker’ — “Will you be my heart breaker tonight?” as Valentine’s day ends up making everyone realize that they’ve been single for another damn year, but also probably helping a few realize that they can still hope.

So, technically I don’t know why I write this. It’s probably because — for a while now, my mind’s been challenged by a brave number of questions; questions for which I needed immediate answers; answers for which I now need immediate validation. So maybe putting some on some sort of medium (See what I did there?) would be beneficial in two ways:

  1. To review my thoughts.
  2. To be conscious and disciplined enough in my efforts to make it a quality read for someone with spare time.

Life’s been funny.

After staying here in Hyderabad for 9 blazing fast years, I had to take a trip around the world and come back to my previous life. I never had thought the trip would last so short. But I’m glad I consciously cut it short.

If I see it from the perspective of the Sunny who’d started to New York to pursue Masters and secretly get into Berklee College of Music, I see that I would be quite disappointed as I had lost the passion which had actually led me to America. But if I look at it from where I see right now, it was a trip which made me realize that my potential went far beyond what I had thought.

Now that I’m back to India, and after learning to code for the past 7 months, I got a job at an incubator called T-Hub as the only front end developer and the only full time developer in the team. That’s a huge privilege but a bigger responsibility too. So, I’m excited to see where this new adventure will take me. Let’s bloody do this!

Until next time.