Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall is sneaking up on us and the current weather over here has made me think about decorating the house for the new season ahead.

While I’m sad to see Summer leave, there’s something to be said for those beautiful Fall colors that will follow. Those rich browns, oranges, reds, yellows and golds do make excellent colors for decorating the inside AND outside of the house.

I would like to share with you my easy fall decorating ideas to celebrate the season in style. These ideas are not expensive (unless you want them to be) or difficult to do.

Fall Wreath

Starting at the front door a autumn wreath is an obvious choice. You can make one yourself or save yourself the headache and buy a pre-made one.

Decorate the wreath with beautiful colored leaves, acorns and pine cones. Upgrade it in October with small pumpkins and ghost for an instant Halloween wreath.

Adding a few cinnamon sticks will give it a gorgeous smell that your visitors will love!

Fall Entrance

Decorating the front door or porch is easy, fun and welcoming for any guests.

Start with something simple as a fall themed doormat, some fairy lights or colored glass candle holders and a few pumpkins. You can use the pumpkins in their natural colors or spray the with gold colored paint.

This will give a beautiful effect and will be eye catching for any passers-by.

Decorate your mailbox with a fall mailbox swag. You can either make one yourself using leaves or buy one online.

Fall Mantle

A fireplace with a mantle will be the place for many cozy fall evenings, so highlight it with some well chosen fall decor.

Think decor like a wreath, a garland, candle holders, gourds and pumpkins that will add a quick and easy touch to any mantle.

Decorating for fall is simple, easy, fun and cheap. You can make fall decor yourself with the help of mother nature and some materials like wire, glue, ribbons and spray paint.

Or go the dollar store way and stock up on some cheap decor there.

In any case: your are only hampered by your own imagination.

Enjoy Fall!