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Learn when Sunnyside Cemetery launches on Android, how to earn airdrops, benefits for playing, and more.

This time last year, we were a group of NFT newbies who had a fun idea for a side hustle and no idea what we were doing. Now, the Sunnyside Reapers are launching one of the first full-fledged NFT games across the Cosmos ecosystem: Sunnyside Cemetery.

A haunted cemetery brimming with possessed souls. Frightening monsters puppeteered by malevolent entities. Face off against the forces of evil with an army of Reapers — and bring death to life.

Sunnyside Cemetery is launching first on the Google Play app store. We originally planned for March 31, though it may be later (Edit: we’re targeting April 7th). You can compare it to trading card game like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, but there are a number of unique twists to make games faster, easier to understand, and more exciting — giving underdogs the chance to come back and win it all. We’ll get into more details in a separate article!

Is Sunnyside Cemetery Play-to-Earn (P2E)?

It is not. We took a look at P2E games across the crypto space and came to the conclusion that many users play these games strictly to earn tokens — and not to actually have fun. That doesn’t feel sustainable to us, so we’re taking a different approach.

By making each NFT a distinct card, and randomizing certain stat elements as well as creating synergies between cards, we hope to create a thriving secondary sales market for Sunnyside Cemetery NFTs. This enables us to generate revenue via royalties, and also lets you sell cards you no longer need for a return on your investment.

What are the NFT collections tied to Sunnyside Cemetery?

In addition to the airdrops as laid out above, our Sunnyside Eternals collection on Stargaze and our Sweet Succubi collection on Teritori will enable holders to use their NFTs as avatars in-game, though they won’t yet grant any additional card airdrops (but stay tuned, Eternals holders ;) ).

And while holding our previous collections does make you eligible to receive these airdrops, it’s important to understand that they are NOT playable in-game as is. The metadata associated with Sunnyside Cemetery requires a fresh set of NFTs to function. But if you hold those cards in the ratios outlined above, you will receive an airdrop of playable cards according to the amount you have right to your Stargaze address. [Holders of Sunnyside Reapers on other chains: get in touch with us through Discord! We’ll hook you up].

What is the Sunnyside Cemetery DAO?

We’re taking advantage of native Stargaze DAOs by offering you an exclusive chance to earn revenue based on the success of Sunnyside Cemetery and its associated NFT collections. More details on this soon!

When is the snapshot for the Awakening airdrop?

We will take a snapshot of NFTs held on March 24. So if you still want to accumulate Reapers… you still have time, but not much!

Where do I get cards for Sunnyside Cemetery?

Our first set of cards for Sunnyside Cemetery will release on Stargaze, broken into two sets.

  • Awakening: Airdropped to holders of our earliest mints. Rare 1st edition cards.
  • Cemetery: Some will be airdropped according to the ratios above, and the rest can be minted and used in-game!

These cards will be Reapers, which are one of the kinds of cards used in Sunnyside Cemetery. Reapers are the main battle units and each mint will have random stats (Attack, HP, Crit, Faction, and Special Ability). More on those soon!

Do I need Sunnyside Reaper NFTs in order to play?

Sunnyside Cemetery is fully free to play — it comes with a set of in-game cards that will let you get a feel for how to play without committing any currency.

However, the most competitive decks will be those that are built around faction bonuses and Reaper special abilities, which will be found in the mintable NFT cards.

How do I play?

We’re writing up a comprehensive guide, stay tuned!

What rewards will I earn for playing?

We’ve connected the Sunnyside Cemetery app with Crew3 to enable rewards based on number of games played and wins. Right now, you can earn $STARS just by playing! We’ll also be running regular tournaments and are building a feature to wager $STARS in-game.

We can’t wait to meet you in the Cemetery 💀.



Sunnyside Reapers

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