A Weekend Fraser Island Tours in Queensland!

World Heritage listed Fraser Island is not only famous as the largest sand island in the world, but also for its unique eco system and a huge marine park. The oceanic continent of Australia has been a major tourism hub and every year millions of people from all over the world come here on business and pleasure. Australia is also popular for a large number of World Heritage listed places including the Fraser Island. Location wise, it’s situated along the southern coast of Queensland and covers a huge area of approximately 184,000 hectares. This area has everything you might expect to see on normal islands but then it’ll surprise you with diversity.

Fraser Island Honeymoon Packages

Your Fraser Island tour will take you to the beautiful beaches, huge sand dunes that are generally seen in proper deserts, a magical underwater park, rainforest area, perched lakes, fresh water lakes, lagoons and a shipwreck site to complete the picture. Tourists coming here generally choose sunset safaris, one of the best known tour company in the Queensland area. They have become popular because of their diverse packages, pocket friendly deals and unbelievable free gifts. With all Fraser Island tours and Holiday Packages you get to see the famous Cooloola National Park for free. This place which is filled with natural attractions like colorful Rainbow, Teewah Beach, Double Island point, Red Canyon and Noosa north shore. From Double Island point, you can see a variety of marine life and this trip works fine as a it’s just next to Fraser Island and you don’t waste time from your schedule time frame. Fraser Island Honeymoon Packages are quite popular as couples can enjoy taking long hikes, relax on the beaches, walk under the starlit nights or go for night kayaking which is an out of the world experience. The kayaking tours to see Maheno Shipwrecks is an amazing experience with the underwater lights illuminating the transparent kayaks.

For transportation the tour company has very comfortable 4 WD coaches, but if you’re looking forward to spending some time alone, you can opt for a smaller vehicle. Fraser Island discovering takes the tourists for a 4 WD drive along the 75 mile beach shows them the perched lakes like Lake Birrabeen, Lake Mckenzie and the largest fresh water creek- Eli’s creek. The tour guides who have in depth knowledge about the island and its unique eco system tells the aboriginal and European history of Fraser Island and takes them to some out of the way places. Fraser Island Tourism owes its popularity mostly to the underwater adventures. Here you can swim, snorkel and even dive down to see the colorful corals, fishes of all sizes and shapes, Manta Rays, dolphins, whales and other forms of aquatic life. You can see some of the marine creatures from the Indian Head as they swim without any inhibitions near the beach. Sunset Safaris offer lodge accommodation in Eurong Beach Resorts and if you are the ones who would like to stay close to nature, there are camps. The tour itinerary will give you enough time to see this exotic island and yet have sufficient time at hand to indulge in some fun filled activities like sand tobogganing, beach parties and also for something, for everyone plans their holidays- Relaxation, Rejuvenation and some undiluted fun with family and friends.

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