Fall in love with Paradise - The Fraser Island

A wanderer heart always looks for the opportunities of discovering new places. A casual flirt with the nature is one of the most craved affairs for it, as nature always makes the best companion. The heart feels a bliss in the sheer solitude with nature whispering its long forgotten tales, the forests call to fall in love again with oneself , the rising tides of the ocean re-energise the soul, the warm golden sands soothes the body, tired of running life’s marathon ending nowhere near. And when one wonders if such a place really exists, a ‘yes’ sweeps in swiftly from The Fraser Island-indeed a synonym to its ancient name K’gari, meaning ‘paradise’. The Island is one of its own kinds. Situated in southeastern coast of the state of Queensland, Australia, this island is one of the nature’s wonders. Have you ever heard of a rainforest growing over the sands-well Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. It may be unbelievable, but then nature is full of surprises. The island boasts of best landscapes with sun kissed beaches, lush green rainforests, perched lakes and barrage lakes, where the water is as clear as crystal. For the beauty it holds, Fraser Island makes one of the favourite destination for travellers from all around the globe.

Many tour operators offer Fraser Island Holiday Packages, once you land in Queensland, but the best of the tours are offered by Sunset a safari, which leaves no stone unturned in making the trip as enjoyable as one can think of, in fact taking adventure and fun beyond imagination. They have a number of packages, which are budget friendly, and one can opt according to the number of days, they want to hang out on the island.

Fraser Island Tourism is one place to offer intimacy with nature along with the great adventure, and with the Sunset safaris, you are surely going to have a trip casting a lifelong spell with action packed eco tours. Sunset safaris do the things differently- rather than driving by road, they transport the tourists in 4WD-customized vehicles via beach way, to provide maximum fun. The journey begins with a free trip to Cooloola National Park, which is right at the doorstep of the Fraser Island. Here one can enjoy the most spectacular scenery. At Noosa North shore, enjoy the company of the native species of Australia- the kangaroos. Have amazing sight of Teewah Beach and The Red Canyon, the allures of the nature. The Rainbow beach with its 72 colours is surely going to leave you mesmerized. Finally, when you reach Fraser Island, you are already in wonderland with such an exciting journey to the island. However, that was just the beginning. The real fun is about to begin.

Lake McKenzie is termed as the ‘hottest destination’. This fresh water lake is a must do, with white sand all around it. One can have wonderful time here, diving into the clear cool waters and enjoying the sunbath at the warm sands. The Eli Creek is another hot spot. A beautiful shallow water creek with flat sandy bottom, one can easily enjoy a walk in the waters. The iconic stop- the Maheno wreck is definitely a picture perfect spot. Your wild fantasies of being close enough to sharks, dolphins, and marine turtles are going to be true when you witness them at Indian Head during the open seasons. The champagne pools, Lake Birrabeen, Yidney dripping rocks and the stay at Eurong Resort are just few of the jewels in the priceless garland of beautiful experiences of the Fraser Island tour. The nights are surely going to be as crazy as the days with beach parties and stargazing by the ocean side.

To book for an itinerary, that is comfortable and relaxing yet covering all the major attractions, just opts for Sunset Safaris, as the tour operators. Their services are excellent. The buffet dinners, picnic lunches and breakfasts are mouth watering and satisfying. The 4WD vehicles provide optimum comfort while travelling, and save from exhaustion of the journey and offer excellent outside view. The adventure tours provided by them are number one choice for the extreme sport lovers. With best beach house accommodation, fully guided tours, and amazing trips to all major attractions, the Fraser Island voyage with Sunset Safaris is the best gift to give to you and your friends and family.

To know more details of the Fraser Island Tours for Queensland, Australia, visit www.sunsetsafaris.co.au

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