Fraser Island Tourism - Incredible Tourism Experience in Australia

Island continent of Australia is known for its gorgeous views, beautiful beaches, and vast expenses of water bodies, diverse wild life and rain forest area and to top it all, some great marine water parks. Every year people from all parts of the world come to visit this beautiful natural paradise and so Fraser Island becomes one of the natural destinations. This World Heritage listed island covers a huge area of 184,000 hectares and stretches for 123 kilometers in length. For the overseas visitors and even for the localities holidays are a time for fun, excitement and adventure. In today’s hectic life no one wants to spend time arranging the basic amenities and so the intelligent option is to do a proper research and zero in on a travel agency that will give the best possible deal. Fraser Island tourism is growing in leaps and bounds because of the efforts of the Government and also thanks to some of the well known travel companies.

Sunset Safaris is one of the most well known and well established tour companies in the Queensland area operating from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Noosa. They offer very diverse tour packages that will suit a wide variety of tourists. With their 2 and 3 days tours they give you a free tour of the famous Cooloola National Park. People coming from outside naturally choose tours where they can see as many places as possible. In this case one can go for the Fraser Island Holiday Special Tour which is for 5 or 6 days and here you get to combine with a visit to the Great Barrier Reefs. With these tour packages you get to see the Cooloola National Park for free along with a free sunset tour to the town of 1770/Agnes water and entry to an Australian Boutique Zoo. So with all these freebies you get a vacation which is extremely economical and the best part is that there’s absolutely no compromise on quality.

Known to be World’s largest sandy island, Fraser Island is a completely 4 WD terrain. Sunset Safaris have a fleet of 4 WD coaches and cars that would suit any sized group. These vehicles have all forward facing seats and big picture windows to see the beauty outside. These Fraser tours are totally eco friendly and fully certified and allow you to relax in a safe and fun filled environment. Fraser Island can be an extremely exciting place as it is Cauldron of beaches, sand dunes, rainforests, fresh water lakes and lagoons, a vast marine water park with multitude of aquatic plants and animals and a lovely shipwreck site. You can Fraser Island 4WD Tours along the famous 75 mile beach, do sand tobogganing from the top of the sand dunes, swim, snorkel and dive to see the magic of the water world, see the dolphins, whales and even sharks from Indian Head and float peacefully in the perched lakes like Lake Birrabeen and Lake McKenzie. Hiking in the rainforest areas to discover ancient trees and diverse fauna can be quite exciting and who can forget the experience of night kayaking while the water glows with the underwater lights. Sunset Safaris tour guides will take you to all the known and sometimes off the track places and tell you about the rich history of this exotic sandy island. All Fraser Island tours come with a price match guarantee and so one can enjoy the vacation without any kind of worries and even feel great about yourself for having chosen the very BEST.

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