Natural Adventures in Fraser Island Brisbane Australia Tour

For the best of Fraser Island Adventure tours, one can opt for the one of the best tour operators in the Queensland area — Sunset Safaris. This tour operators popularly known as the people’s choice company offer wonderful package tours to visit one of the most sought after destinations in Australia- world Heritage Listed Fraser Island. Situated along the coast of Queensland, this place is famous for its pristine beaches, perched lakes, fresh water lakes and lagoons. Sand blows, dunes and the gravity defying rainforests will give you enough opportunity to indulge in activities like sand tobogganing and hiking. Covering a massive area of 184,000 hectares, this island is the largest sand island in the world and along with Moreton Island it in the biggest structure on Earth. To see and enjoy this massive area and to explore its various facets, the tour operators have meticulously planned itinerary in great details.

Fraser Island Adventure Tours

Sunset Safari operates from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Noosa and to travel to the Fraser Island Adventure Tours, the tourists are provided with super comfortable 4WD coaches or smaller cars with all forward facing seats and huge picture windows to enjoy the beauty of the passing scenery. On the way to Fraser Island the tourists are given a free tour of the famous Cooloola National Park. This break journey gives the travelers some time to relax and enjoy the wonderful environment of this National park with some amazing attractions like the colorful Rainbow Beach, Teewah Beach, Red Canyon and Double Island point from where you can watch the marine animals swimming pretty close to the beach. Cooloola is situated right next to Fraser Island and thus there’s no wastage of time and people coming for a short duration do not lose out on any of their scheduled time.

Fraser Island Tours can be said to be a total 4WD tour as this sandy island has no sealed roads and the terrain is best suited for four wheel drive. Driving along the 75 mile beach is quite enjoyable as the beach also doubles up as a runway and its great fun to see the small planes landing and taking off right next to you. The island has multiple options and with sunset safaris you’ll have the opportunity to try out each and every single one. On land you’ll have one of the most exciting activities- sand tobogganing ; coming down from top of a sand dune at a speed of 50 to 70 km per hour holding on to a sand board can be a crazy experience. There’s hiking which you can try out by going deep into rainforests to enjoy the tranquility of central station, perched lakes, invisible creeks, champagne pools and Eli’s creek will give you enough opportunity to cool your heels and will help you wash away all worries and tensions. If you want to stay close to nature you can opt for camping or the more luxurious glamping. All equipments are provided for and the tour guides are always there to help you out in case you need it.

As Fraser Island’s marine park is best explored by snorkeling and diving, the tourists are given all necessary equipment to enjoy the magic of the wonderland under water. Fraser Island Nightlife can be equally exciting with parties in the resort or on the beach, swimming and kayaking to see the famous Maheno shipwreck site. The activities are plenty, the island is like a slice of paradise, friendly atmosphere and with sunset safaris taking care of all your needs, it can safely be said that you have all the right ingredients of a truly amazing vacation.

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