612 And You

Los Angeles 2019

I feel like the years have gone by so quickly now.
Time is no friend of mine.
The same skies,
Same stars,
Same golden state.
This state of mind is so unkind anymore.
Where did you go?
Where is your ghost?
I can only imagine it is in Oakland,
Same place as my heart.

2014 was so cruel to me.
2014 was so very kind.
In the month of July it brought me you,
Love at first sight in the 612.
Didn’t we have the time of our lives that night.
Didn’t we have everything.
Now 5 years apart.

Here I am in Hollywood,
The moon, the stars, and I.
I look up at them and think of you,
We share this California sky.
Miles apart, worlds away.
Tomorrow is a brand new day,
Of missing you.

Of all the things I miss the most,
I miss the 612 and you.


Written by


Los Angeles based writer. I fall in love easily with people and words.

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