8 Years

The story of a beautiful relationship.

44 is a class act. Barack Obama and his beautiful wife, Michelle, have been a beautiful example of what America has needed for the past 8 years, and I have no doubt they will continue to work in the public service office for many years to come.

I voted for President Obama twice. Both times I was extremely proud to do so. Yes, I heard the haters screaming loudly, I heard the hidden racists, who have now been given a public platform to be as loud as they want in Trump, come at Obama as hard as they could. That man did not flinch. He not only fought back with love and grace, he taught us to do the same.

President Obama came into office with a message of hope and love, and he is leaving us 8 years later with a stronger version of that same message. For many of us, he gave us faith. He came into office after a disaster of a presidency before him, and with his calm demeanor and his beautiful speaking manner, showed us that we could believe in him.

He didn’t come in with guns blazing, he didn’t tweet a bunch of hate speech and giving people a platform built on bullying, nor did he make it about himself. Instead he continued to use his social media for growth, for our country to be informed, and for us to feel a sense of security. He was a beautiful example of how we should all behave on Twitter.

As I type this now, I wonder how 8 years has passed so quickly. I remember going to see Barack Obama while he was first running his campaign in Grand Forks, ND. I was filled with hope, I had so much passion for our country during that time. I remember seeing him the second time he ran, I was just as proud and filled with hope. And now as I watch his farewell speech I am scared for our country. We are losing one of the great ones and in his place we are gaining nothing. We are gaining nothing. Let me repeat that one more time. WE ARE GAINING NOTHING.

When I watched Barack Obama during his speech tonight, I watched him tear up as he spoke to Michelle. She is a so inspiring to women, and more importantly to little girls everywhere. But during these 8 years, this is what stands out to me the most regarding the relationship between Barack and Michelle. For so many of us growing up, we did not see or witness good relationships between our parents. We did not see kindness or team building between our families, and for many kids today, they are in the midst of violence, mental health issues, and never get the chance to witness what building a good relationship looks like. Barack and Michelle showed them what that looks like. The leader of our country was not involved in sex scandles. He did not talk down to his wife, he instead held her in the highest regard, and it showed. Thank you for that. From the bottom of my heart, as a product of divorced parents, more than once, I thank you.

And finally to Joe Biden. Sir, you are one of a kind. You are a beautiful leader, you are strong yet you allow your sense of humor to shine through. You are appreciated, we saw your grief during your times of loss, and we were there holding your hand. I hope you felt that, I hope you knew that you were loved and we cared about you. And I hope that you know that we are proud of you.

Not everyone will agree with me. There are many out there that do not have good things to say about Barack Obama, and for those of you that feel that way, I am sorry that you harbor those feelings. This was the most beautiful 8 years of leadership and example I have ever seen. I now fear for this country. I fear for my friends who are minorities, who are LGBTQ, who are Muslim, who are women, and who are not part of Trumps vision. I will use my voice for you, I will speak out for you, I will always listen and do my best to protect you, and if all else fails I promise you, I will forever remind you that you matter and that you are loved.

Thank you, President Obama. Thank you, Michelle Obama. Thank you, Joe Biden. Thank you, Jill Biden. And thank you, all of you, who have believed in this POTUS. We need you more than ever now, please use your voice and resist the hate that we will now face. Please stand up where you need to and call out the wrongs that you see. Please do not give up hope.