A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Ryan James Coit ~ Self Portroit

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Ryan Coit, of Coit Photography, a Minneapolis based photographer, must have a lot of amazing stories to tell.

I met Ryan 3 years ago in Minneapolis shortly after moving there. He was working at The Saloon, my favorite LGBTQ bar in the Twin Cities. He was quiet, yet kind. I instantly felt as if we were kindred spirits, probably because of our shared passion for art. He is was the kind of person that I am drawn too, the kind of person whom you know is going to take you on a beautiful adventure that you will never forget, just by being his friend.

I learned that he was a photographer after asking questions about some of the photography that was displayed at The Saloon. But Ryan is not just a photographer, he is an artist that has created a style that is all his own. A style that captivates his audience with pure passion and honesty. A style that makes the world see the LGBTQ community through his eyes, and it is a beautiful sight.

To see Ryan’s photography is like opening a direct window into the world of kink, gay rights, leather and then wrap it all up in the beauty of the human body. His passion is eagerly shown in his work, and his work is not one for the faint of heart or the weak mind. To look at a photograph that has been shot by Ryan, you will most likely see the art of two men who are deeply engaged in oral sex or in full anal action. He can take the act of being physical to another level and turn it into a beautiful work of art.

He is committed to his community and the beautiful part about it is how loudly he speaks through his work. To see a photo of gay men unleashing any stigma that the world may have attached to them, claiming the life that they live and the sexual preference that they are comfortable with, is nothing short of a breathe of fresh air in this world that we are currently trying to survive in. It’s as if he is showing us the truth through his work, and by doing that he is allowing conversations to start and hearts to open a little more. He is allowing acceptance and giving back the feeling of Pride.

I have been lucky enough to be a part of this journey with Ryan in a small way. He has allowed me to see his work, get a first hand glimpse at the new creations and ideas that he is venturing into, and even allowed me to give my input from time to time. As a fellow artist, this means a lot to me. I find Ryan to be nothing but an inspiration and mentor, and his ability to create memories in pictures is astounding.

Recently Ryan has expanded his talent and is now offering a custom line of apparel that display his work out loud for the world to see, and in a world where some members of the community still feel uncomfortable kissing in public, holding hands while walking down the street or just being gay, Ryan has now given us a opportunity to show our support and show that we stand in solidarity with the gay community to support their love and their public display of affection. He is opening doors in the community in a huge way, and also in a very beautiful display of raw human emotion.

I not only would like to take a moment to congratulate Ryan on this new venture and the beautiful new website that he has created for his work, I would also like to encourage others to embrace his art, support his work, and proudly wear one of his new T-shirts or Tank Tops. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Please check out his new digs at http://coitphotography.com/ click “Get In” and prepare to be amazed.

This is the type of art that you are not going to find just anywhere. It is a specialized look into the Queer world, it is a beautiful look into the beauty of the Trans members of the community, and if you are looking for raw primal sexual photography, Ryan is the best in his league. His work has been featured not only at several venues in Minneapolis, he has also been featured at Tom Of Finland in Los Angeles as well as International displays in London.

Minneapolis is very fortunate to have him in the community. I have friends who have modeled for Ryan and they have all said that doing a photoshoot with him was nothing but liberating and that it gave them a very strong sense of pride. Ryan is taking the stigma out of the LGBTQ lifestyle one photo at a time, and he is making it possible to not only support the gay community, but to display the art of the community in public.

Congratulations Ryan! You have come so far and I can’t wait to see where you are going in this beautiful life that you have created. You are one of a kind and the world is so fortunate that you share your talents with us.

“ My work has been influenced by my involvement in the LGBT Community. There’s beauty in all types of individuals and their sexuality . My passion is capturing that beauty. “ ~ Ryan James Coit

“ My work has been influenced by my involvement in the LGBT Community. There’s beauty in all types of individuals and their sexuality . My passion is capturing that beauty. “ ~ Ryan Coit 2016
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