Ambien and Amazon

The sun goes down and I can’t sleep so I take a little pill to try to help knock me out…..
Head hits my pillow and I’m down.

I plugged in my laptop before I took the pill, I can’t stop thinking about the void I need to fill with stuff…..Amazon has so much stuff.

And while I don’t like Bezos, I like Benzos so much, so I take my pills and get my thrills by shopping online when I have the time. More crap to call mine…..

So tonight I’m gonna buy some shit in my sleep, order some crap that I don’t need, it’s just my laptop, Ambien, and me alone….yeah, I’m in the zone.

I gotta a blender in my cupboard that I will never use, and you should see all these damn shoes with heels…I’m a skateboarder, heels don’t give me the feels. I have ten new pillows and a Barbie dream house, just last night I bought my cat a brand new mouse but I don’t even have a god damned cat around. I wish I could sleep more sound, but I’m just too busy shopping.

Amazon and Ambien seem to fill my dreams, I look at my bank account and so it seems I spent all my cash in my sleep again. I need to get a new friend. Someone to sleep over and make sure I’m safe, someone who won’t let me spend my money this way, in my sleep. Who the fuck needs to count sheep, when you can just spend your money. I spent all my money. I’m broke again, thanks to Amazon and Ambien.