Clear Waters And You


I look into the crystal clear waters and see the reflection of a stranger.
Where did the time go?
Why have I wasted so many years with you?
I breathe in another deep breath, air passing over lips that long to be kissed with meaning.
I wonder what it feels like to not wipe the imprint of someones lips off of mine, I bite down on them just to feel something, the taste of morphine as they start bleeding.

Years gone by, complacent, careless, carefree.
Who are we again, you and me?
Please tell me again what we mean to each other?
Other than two people that share space and enjoy doing things together.
You are my friend more than my lover.
My soul screams so loudly but no one can hear it.
My heart is just a paper airplane that crash lands over and over.
Someone please wake me when this is all over.
I use my words wisely as if I were almost out of them.
I no longer know what to call you, other than friend.
I have spent far too long trying to pretend,
that this is love.

I stare into the crystal clear waters and I see the reflections of you.
Eyes so blue.
To thine own self be true.


Written by


Los Angeles based writer. I fall in love easily with people and words.

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