A. Granheim Photography 2016 Port of Los Angeles

I remember when I could fly
Far up in the sky
Not a care in the world.
My eyes could see forever,
my wings were strong.

I remember when I could feel the wind beneath these wings,
instead of this anchor of weight that keeps me grounded.
I recall looking down from the tree tops and souring over the mountains.
I remember floating on the breeze
No one to bother me
No one to please.
Just me, the wind, and freedom, and you.

I remember my past lives
Days gone by
I can tell you directions to places I’ve never been
as long as you don’t mind going the long way.

I remember you.
Wings of steel.
You would fly with me from place to place.
Beside me, wings strong, protecting me from the turbulance. 
Dark wings of a raven, strong, precise, unbroken.

Here you are again,
but this time in human form.
I remember you from the days when we would fly around
The sun on shining on the faces
of the two ravens
who together circled the sun,
just for fun.

I remember when I could fly.

I miss those days.