Last night I met you in my dreams ,
The distance never really mattered to you.
Nothing really matters to me.
I love to see the stars in your eyes,
You must have stole them from the skies,
Or did the universe just borrow them from you?
Your beautiful energy astounds me.
The atmosphere never brings you down,
The gravity keeps me high.

I stand on the shore and reach out my hand,
You swim in the sea and reach out for me,
And together we fly through this dream called life.
I’ve always believed
I would someday achieve
Silent lucidity.
It is so quiet here,
Nothing to fear but myself.

Of all of the beautiful things I have ever seen,
Nothing compares to you.
I don’t know why this life makes me cry,
It’s easier for me to say goodbye than it is to say I love you.
You make me want to do the hard things.
Take the stadium.
Slay the dragon.
I am the dragon.
I’ve never been the damsel in distress,
I’ve never had time for that.

Theres a place I like to hide,
But you always come and find me.
I remember when I was a bird,
Looking down,
I could see you there standing on the ground,
Arms raised, heart full, soul empty.
Your wings had been severed,
We pieced them together,
Together we would rise and conquer the sky.

No matter the distance,
You protect me in the night,
I’m smiling next to you,
Your reflection in the full moon,
You, Me, and this lucidity.


Written by


Los Angeles based writer. I fall in love easily with people and words.

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