Minnesota Love

The beauty of going home again ~

I flew home to Minneapolis on my birthday and stayed for 5 days. 4 and a wake up if we are going to be technical about it.

Los Angeles makes me feel small, alone, it’s too much for me. I am more comfortable in a city of under 400 thousand people, where I don’t have to drive an hour to get to where I am going, and where the air is clean and the crime is lower. It’s not that I don’t like Los Angeles, I think that Los Angeles doesn’t like me.

I stepped off the plane at MSP and it instantly felt good. The energy was cleaner, warmer, more inviting. Maybe because the energy is familiar to me, but it welcomed me home. Flying in there was a double rainbow with a tinge of purple in the sky. It was as if Prince took over the heavens and talked to the gays and they all decided this was the proper way to welcome me into the city.

Flying into MSP on my birthday

I came to Minneapolis this past weekend for 2 very specific reasons. The first being it is one of my very best friends in the entire worlds birthday’s 4 days before me, and we have a tradition of spending them together now. I don’t believe in breaking tradition and I adore my friend Jeffest, anytime that I can spend with him is time that I treasure. The second is that I needed to have some calm space to breathe. Area that didn’t have a LAPD helicopter flying overhead, space that didn’t seem so crowded and dirty and filled with static, yes, I said static. I live in the port of Los Angeles and you can feel the static energy in the air all the time from the salty’s that come into port. It is a strange feeling, and not everyone feels it, but I feel it strongly.

What a beautiful weekend. We spent the day in Loring Park on Friday, talking to albino squirrels and feeding them Altoids. They don’t seem to think they have bad breath because several of them turned the Altoids down. We sipped drinks at Dunn Brothers and confided our secrets in one another, and trust me, I thought more of my friend after our conversation.

Friday night we went to a Full Moon Gong Bath. What an amazing experience. It started with some yoga stretches and then we laid on our backs on yoga mats as this beautiful soul played her gongs. It is a feeling that is very different than I have felt before. It was as if the waves of the gong were dancing beautiful colors of orange and purple over me. I kept my eyes closed, with the exception of the slight looking back to see how she was playing this amazing music over us. I left there feeling calmer and more secure in myself.

Full Moon Gong Bath

Saturday was spent checking out parts of the city, we went to Up Down, the new arcade in Up Town, and I had my first Surly Todd The Axeman. The entire experience was amazing. We then went to The Saloon where I was able to meet up with several friends that I love and had not seen in a while, and 1 that is still a fucking asshole. Some things never change.

Sunday was partial Sunday Funday and it did not disapoint. I got to meet Michah and Ria and see so many amazing people that I had not seen in a while. Lance came to see me both Saturday and Sunday and it made my heart feel so good when we spent time together. Everyone looks so good and is doing so good. I even got to see my baby birdie Tyler H. That boy owns part of my heart, no doubt about it.

I was afraid to go to LUSH again. I was afraid that all I would do is miss Jayme and that it would be too much, but surprisingly it was alright. I missed seeing him of course, but overall I can say that I handled it pretty well. No tears, no crying, no sadness. Just happy to be with my chosen family.

My friend sent me a text on Thursday, my birthday, with a Facebook status update from my mother wishing me a happy birthday. I found that interesting. It was a nice gesture even though she had to know there was a very good chance I would never see it.

I also had the chance to spend more time with Jeffest’s mom Patty this weekend. What a blessing. To have someone in my life that I can consider a female role model means the world to me. I haven’t had that in my life for a long time, and Patty is not one to hold back her thoughts or advice. I like that about her, and I loved sharing the time together that we did. She also gave me a awesome hair cut!

I’m back in Los Angeles now. I’ve spent most of the day in bed other than a quick job that I had to do this morning. I’ve cuddled up with Yo-landi and Ninja all day, and that has felt very nice. It is good to be back, good to see Mark and good to know that I am loved.

Thank you for the beautiful weekend Minneapolis, and to everyone who took the time to spend with me, I am more than thankful. It was amazing to see everyone, and to spend the amount of time that I was able to with Jeffest. It was just good to be home again. ❤