Debate number 3,
here we go again.
Trump in his Orange splendor,
Hillary, brave, inviting, strong, 
the original gangster.
Here come the hot stepper,
Political Beyonce,
Podium owned with confidence against the Oompa Loompa,
the playground bully,
grabber of the pussy,
using Tic-Tacs as his strength,
accused violator of children, woman, 
the human race.

He yells rigged at the top of his lungs,
then he screams about how Hill wants your guns,
he is a fear mongering misogynist,
he has no moral compass,
no direction,
no leadership skills.
He can’t run his own business,
can’t pay his bills,
Looms over Hillary as if he were a clown.
Scratch that.

For cripe sakes,
this man can not even pay the children who perform at his rallys.
I will never understand how anyone can vote for Trump.
I have friends who are gay who have voted for Trump.
Do you not realize you will lose your rights?
How do you do this and sleep a night?
How do you cast a vote for hatred when we have fought so hard for your freedom? Your equal rights?
How has this happened?
How did our country come to this?
We let it, that is how. 
We allowed this bullshit.

Debate Night 3
Fight night
My Hillary supporters stand to the left.
Broke racist Trump supporters stand to the right.
Trust me we are all looking at you.
We’re gonna knock that pussy out like fight night.

I’m with her. 
I believe we can figure this shit out if we let her lead us.
Just don’t follow blindly, and everything will be alright.