Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor,

Stop making yourself out to be the victim. 
You can only play that part so long,
before no one wants to hear your song.
Just stop.

You could have written kinder words,
Something that has meaning,
Without trashing other humans,
You are starting to look sad.
A train wreck.
But that is just my personal opinion of you.

Taylor, this has gotten out of hand.
Maybe it’s time for you to leave the band,
you could go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.
I don’t like Katy either, 
I don’t even like Kanye,
But you have stooped to a entirely new low with this stupidity that makes you money.
Just stop already.
Today in Fargo Savanna was found dead,
Her baby alive, 
Cut out of her 22 year old body.
Today the weather in Texas left several homeless.
North Korea shot weapons over Japan.
Trump once again bragged about a racist, 
and then pardoned him.
But no one noticed.
Because you had to make it all about you.
It is time for you to grow the fuck up, Taylor.
You really need to stop this bullshit.

I used to be a fan,
Now, I can’t stand you.
Look what you made me do.
Look what you went and made me do.

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