Walk On Water

A. Granheim 2018 Huntington Beach, CA

For me, you were my savior,
My sweet surrender,
My personal Jesus.
My confessions in your ear,
so much judment on your mind.
You nailed it, then crucified me, and on water walked away.

That B Boy style always gets my attention.
I’m sorry baby, do I have your permission to get down on my knees now?
I feel the need to pray.
Thats a hard pill to swallow.
My Dasani isn’t Pinot so nothings really changed today.
I still think about you, it was all just so fucking strange.
I thought you walked on water.

I saw you surfing in the moonlight,
in Venice Beach that one summer night,
You held my hand all the way back to land.
The devil is just a product of the 70’s with a skateboard and some swagger.
You better watch out, girl, you in danger.

Oh, my God.

I have lost faith in you now,
I’ve abandoned all hope.
I hope that somewhere you are on a wave riding it out.
Get Pitted.
Thank you for showing me what this California life is about.
Out of all of the things in life that I regret,
I will forever regret you the most.
I’m nothing like my father, I’ve drank all the spirits, and I am still living with your holy ghost.
I hope you know you still walk on water in my mind.


Written by


Los Angeles based writer. I fall in love easily with people and words.

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