CanYa releases ‘hedged escrow’ to protect platform users from price volatility

Good article; far better than what I’ve read from CanYa in the past. Substantive content with a sufficient level of those values that attract readers: unusualness, consequence (which are two of the five values used to determine news event importance.) The pros are good. The cons? Yep, they are there — please hire someone to write that understands how to write using university taught news style and do get an editor. The latter is to avoid walking into the room as a professional and then discovering that because your coat is covered with lint that people’s eyes are noticing that more than your uttered words. Writing errors distract readers or result in a communication fail. The former — a use of news style in writing — is because it has repeatedly won over expository writing in maintaining people’s reading attention and understanding. The lead attracts and lures people. Short paragraphs and simple sentences keep people reading. Use some quotes to interrupt the monotone sound of the written words. Readers rarely read conclusions in ending paragraphs, which is why facts should be introduced in descending order of importance. You’re almost there. Keep going.

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