The Idle Graves Tour: “Day 2”

Ok so I had no idea maintaining this thing was going to be this annoying on tour lol. So I’m clearly a few days behind but I’ll get back on the ball today.

Day “2”(technically day 3) was on Thursday in Richmond,VA. The Canal Club was the venue that we played, and holy hell what a DOPE spot that is. The promoter we played for was a true testament to the word, and he went above and beyond anything we can ask for. The deal for this show was a door deal(a true double edged sword). Our percentage was 60% after break even which was $300 for the night. So we essentially needed 65 kids paid through the door/presale to reach our goal guarantee of $200 for the package…. and we didn't meet that lol. The show did a little over 50 paid. And honestly, I can care less that we didn't meet the guarantee through the deal, cause those 50 kids that went to this show GENUINELY enjoyed the night, and as a smaller band that is all you can ask for.

The day in particular was suuuuuper special for me. The universe worked in a wild way, and my sister who lives in Richmond gave birth the day before we were supposed to be there. So it gave me the opportunity to go meet my future little mosh warrior of a nephew haha, and that just gave me the emotional boost I needed to continue on with this tour on a high note.

Richmond, itself, reminds me a lot of modern Brooklyn. On the outside, it looks rough, gritty, almost non inviting. But when you actually enter it and walk through and see what the town is truly about, you see the beauty and the hidden gems of artworks scattered all over the place that show the culture infused within the city. A very cool city!

Here are some more pics from the gig, once again all credits go to the bro Brandon Lane!