The Idle Graves Tour: SOWHAT FEST!

real quick…just know I curse a LOT in this one cause I’m still riding the wave from last night so talking about it has me hype as fuck all over again. haha

This was the day the whole reason why our tour even came to be a thing. Sowhat?! Music Fest in Grand Prairie,TX. This was the 10 year anniversary of the festival. For me personally, this was something I have wanted to play since I first started making music seven years ago. To get the opportunity to play the festival with the line up we did was truly the most incredible thing to ever happen to me. Some of the bands playing (Norma Jean/Every Time I Die/He Is Legend/Set Your Goals/Four Year Strong just to name a handful) were bands that I was listening to on a regular basis back in 2007, so for this to essentially come full circle for me 10 years later and get to play a festival with these acts was mind blowing.

Our set time was 11:25, with the gates opening at 11. It definitely isnt the most ideal of times to play, but we play no fucking games and we did the damn thing. I always try to maintain a level of humility when I talk about the band and our performances, but for once I’m going to be cocky and admit that we straight killed it. We had a small crowd when the set first started, but as we continued to play, the crowd gathered. We started having kids leaving the bands playing the other stages to come watch us. We had a solid amount of both dudes in established bands and people in the music industry standing back/side stage watching us. People that I can recite every word they’ve ever written back to you, were coming up to me telling me how much they enjoy what I play, what I write, and how much they follow us/are rooting for us.

Now, the plus sides to playing that early in the morning mean you have the rest of the day ahead of you. And boy…did I take full advantage of that. Whether it was networking and meeting new people, hanging out in friends vans/trailers drinking and having a smoke and doing a bunch of idiot shit lol. These are things that I can only do at festivals when I have like 100+ people I know all hanging in a parking lot. Sensible decision making goes completely out the window and you just do idiot shit haha.

Now, lets talk about some of these sets. Norma Jean at 7PM while the sun is setting. What a WILD FUCKING EXPERIENCE that was. They were one of the first bands I’ve ever seen(Warped 2008, they closed down mainstage and played around a similar time.) It was like a full circle moment for me, getting to watch the same band I fell in love with almost a decade ago at a festival, while playing my first legitimate festival. Then the almighty EVERY TIME I DIE. They played during a fucking LIGHTNING STORM LIKE WHAT. It was truly the most wild production I’ve ever seen from a band haha. A damn near tornado warning was going off while they were ripping a god damn gig and I was truly ready to get blown away by a gust of wind with the hugest smile on my face. Four Year Strong playing “Rise or Die Trying” to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of it was also a damn near life changing moment for me. These bands mean a LOT to me, and guided my transition from a jock ass teenager to a breakdown loving show going idiot.