Beet Tuesday!

In case you missed it, today is #beettuesday. It is my favorite day of the week. I like #beettuesday because I like beets. They are one of the most wonderful root vegetables in the world. I have a huge number of greenhouses dotted around my vast compound filled with beets at different stages of the fascinating life cycle. Why? So that I will always have plenty of fresh beets on hand to have and to share with friends, colleagues, my gymnastics team, my charterboat captain and all of the other people who are so near and dear to me on #beettuesday.

But what is it about the beet that is so wonderful? First, beets grow. That means they start small and get bigger over time. It is important to wait for a beet to attain its full growth potential before savagely yanking it from the bosom of the earth. Second, beets are a vegetable. This means they are not plants or minerals or man-made. They come from nature so that means they are probably good. The thing is, there are other things that come from nature that aren’t good. For example, rattlesnake venom also comes from nature but it isn’t good. Cobra venom comes from nature but it isn’t good. Scorpion venom comes from nature but it isn’t good. Coral snake venom comes from nature but it isn’t good. Black widow venom comes from nature but it isn’t good. So you can see, nature is full of things that are not good. Beets, on the other hand, are good. Third, beets are usually purple. Why is this good? Because purple is the color of kings! Does that make beets the king of the vegetables? You could say that! But how puny a king! All it takes to “depose” this king is a good firm grip and YANK! King beet is dead, long live king beet! Fourth, beets tastes very nice. I like them very much. They are my favorite root vegetable (I said that earlier but it bears repeating).

Because of all of the wonderful things about beets I have decreed that Tuesdays be recognized as #beettuesday to help remind people that beets are delicious.

I have a funny story about beets. Today (Tuesday, May 16th — #beettuesday) the President of the United States was talking about how much he loved turkey. He said that turkey was (and I quote), “unBEETable.” That was so funny! Not that I think turkey is better than beets but it was so wonderful to have the President of the United States give a “shout out” to beets on #beettuesday!

With fingers stained purple, I am . . .


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