A VCR I found while wandering!

I’m a Wanderer!

If there’s one thing that people always say about me it’s that I’m a ramblin’ man. I have rambled here and there. I have wandered high and low. I have rambled down one road and up another. I have wandered on trains, planes, cars, bicycles, unicycles, pogo sticks, hot air balloons, hang gliders, parasails, rocket ships, submarines, cruise ships, cigarette boats, hand carts, grocery carts, motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters, catapults, horses, mules, elephants, sedan chairs, rickshaws, skateboards, helicopters, a cow, a wheelbarrow, a barrel (only over a waterfall though), big rigs, magic carpets, jet packs, segways and the wings of love.

So why have I wandered? Oh, for the same reason everyone does! To find my fame and fortune! And boy, have I found it!

Here is a partial list of the fame and fortune I have found while I wandered (these are just from the past 24 hours so imagine how many things I have found and enjoyed over all my years of rambling!): a small rock that looks like a baby turtle, three crushed cans that I was able to redeem for 15 cents, a sock (white tube sock with three white stripes at the top), a lot of cigarette butts, a bunch of scratched scratch tickets (no winners though!), an undershirt, a plastic bag, a cap (it says Busch Beer or the front and has blue mesh on the back. I decided to try it on and it looks pretty good so I am going to keep it), a McDonald’s bag that had a part of a Big Mac and a few french fries and a crumpled napkin in it and — drumroll please — a VCR!

The VCR was pretty cool to find just wandering. I brought that back to my base and handed it over to my engineering team to see what they could do with it. As it turns out it was pretty broken and seems to have been a nest for a family of mice. There were no mice in it though, just some ripped up newspaper, mouse fur and some poop. That made me feel bad. I wondered what happened to the mouse family. It made me really depressed but then I thought, “Hey, I’ll bet those mice decided to wander a bit themselves!” and I felt better.

You will too if you try wandering some time. You’ll see new people, places and things and may find something very interesting and valuable in the process!

A real wanderer at heart, I am . . .

Andy Lam!