Blab is dead…long live Blab.
Shaan Puri

I just hope that the new Blab version or new service, would eventually use a not so new technology, but a very successful one like WebRTC and base it on Peer5 streaming-like with something like bittorrent so when someone connects to watch the stream can contribute a small bandwidth even as small as 2 kbits from even a mobile phone, which particularly is rather very tiny. Placing this technology forward you come to a better live streaming in HD even using the known codecs for these and as for the audio with the new Opus codec. Far off is better than aac+ or he-aac in most cases over the event of web streaming technology. Hope the new service will thrive in something similar to these tech I mentioned, thus having this will make a great service even greater than before. If you building your platform let it be as simple as possible but in a robust of ReactJS which in fact is very powerful in combination with today’s javascript libraries. But maybe you might have a better new way up your sleeves. Whatever! Hope it comes soon and it will be a surprise to us all!

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