Two points;
long way to go

Hi, thanks for reading and taking the time to respond, I’m really thrilled!

I did have some expectations at first, like what you mentioned, just knowing it was Android 6.

But when I actually started to use it, between the E-ink refresh rate and the monochrome display and the manufacturer’s modifications, it was really closer to the Palm OS from 2000, or the Macintosh Classic System 6 OS. And it came with only 9 apps on it, including Dictionary, Clock, Calculator, File Transfer tool. Unlike proper Android devices which come with Twitter, FB, sometimes Spotify, etc. It also doesn’t have a microphone or camera. So all in, the possibility of intrusive presence is really minimal. Kind of like the Palm OS, again. Which feels refreshing.

Posting from this device: basically I expect that any app which uses photos probably won’t display well on this. It can’t display images decently, almost everything comes out like a black blotch or blob. So if I want to include a photo with my post (like I did here), or if I want to post to an app that has photos as part of its interface, this won’t work too well.

All the best with your own quest to find a distraction free setup, do let me know how it goes. Regards.