NOTE: Don Bosco is the author of the award-winning LION CITY ADVENTURES series, about a society of children dedicated to exploring Singapore, making new friends and solving mysteries. This post is part of a series about the creative inspiration behind the books, the publishing process, etc.

When I wrote Lion City Adventures, the very first book in this series, I was really trying to solve one big problem that parents have: how to out-talk your children.

Just think about it. What do parents do when they spend quality time with their children? They have to talk. A lot. Jaw ache is common.

Children can be really curious. They have questions. As parents, sometimes we know the answers. But sometimes we don’t. That’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it?

I should know, I’m a parent myself.

To talk is to learn

Did you know that for children, talking and asking questions is an important way for them to learn about their environment?

Children have lots of energy. Yes, I know, except perhaps when it comes to doing their homework, or putting away their toys. The more energy they have, the more they talk. The more they talk, the more questions we have to answer.

It can get pretty tiring keeping up with them. Ask any parent. Or school teacher. But what else can we do? Some of them are so loveable, their cuteness even oozes out of their ears. Or their eyes. That sticky stuff you see when they just get out of bed, that’s liquid cuteness. Serious.

Anyway, back to the serious matter, it’s our job to help them enjoy learning about the world. And so we want to encourage them. Nurture them to be curious. To ask questions. To explore. To be young adventurers. YOUNG ADVENTURERS! So the more you talk, the more they’ll learn.

Get smarter

With Lion City Adventures, we started out knowing that there’s one good way to satisfy children’s curiosity. Books. It’s worked for generations. It works today.

The first book of this series features ten cool locations around Singapore. There’s a map of each historic area, with popular landmarks drawn in. There’s a short history of the place, filled with interesting facts. There’s an Instant Expert section, with a few bits of information that you could use in your conversations with your child.

They will start to wonder how you got so smart. They’ll admire you. Kids are like that. But that is not the point. The point is to show off your knowledge about Singapore when you can, and now you can. High five!

Don’t sweat

Besides being an Instant Expert now, you can also show them what a bubbly person you are, with all the fun activities and puzzles also included in the book, all based on the locations featured.

If you are not the outdoor type of parent, these sections are perfect for you. So instead of having to actually go out with your children, what with the hot sun and the haze and the horrible traffic, you can actually spend one or two or three or four quiet afternoons or evenings reading this book with them.

This reduces your time spent outdoors quite considerably. Show them a few videos while sitting in an air-conditioned room. Wow them with the awesome facts, vivid illustrations, the puzzles and quizzes, and all the other delightful content. The kids will be entertained. No sweat! (Of course, do try to go out with your children once in a while. Because Singapore is indeed an awesome place to explore.)

In short, this book will help you spend quality time with your children, whether indoors or outdoors. What matters is that you impress them with all the fun stuff you know about Singapore. And they, in return are impressed with you.

May you enjoy lots of talking with your children!


Book 1: Lion City Adventures

Book 2: Secrets of the Heartlands

Book 3: Island of Legends

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