The Journey

Well I’m here. Finally found the time to write about the craziness that’s been my life over the last 5 years. It’s still a bit surreal when I look back at what transpired, how it all went down and how I know find myself in a position that I never dreamed of.

JORDAN Brand — What can I say about my time there. It was MBA school. I learned everything that I am today at my time there from what works, to doesn’t but I think the most important thing I learned there was how to build a culture. How to take an existing one and move the needle. The nuances of hiring, and inspiring creative excellence. That place is and always will be home to me — I am still processing all that I learned there.

Super Heroic — When you fall in love you just know. I just knew when @JayMay_ChiCity and I first spoke that this was it. This is what my entire career / education was for — I felt it when I first became a father. That this life isn’t for us — it’s for setting up our children and the next generation for success. That’s what Super Heroic is really about — that’s what we are trying to build with the tools GOD has given us. We want to make sure we do it right — and the journey has just begun but maaaaaaan I am hyped.

I wanted to start writing so that I could process my emotions a tad better than just being so damn sappy all the time.

However — I want to use this medium to hopefully document my journey as a entrepreneur and things that I think will help the next generation of leaders be successful. At the end of the day — I won’t be here forever but what I do will hopefully inspire someone & trust me you have my support.