The Promise of Patience

Patience is sometimes confused with idleness. But patience is allowing things to develop. If no progress is being made then many times it’s up to you to just get the ball rolling. In many ways you can view your life like that of Sisyphus. You want to get your boulder to the top of the hill and it’s tempting to push with all your might on the outset. But if you do you will soon run out of energy and subsequently be crushed. At the beginning is when you need to be the most patient. You need to slowly but consistantly get the boulder rolling. This allows your muscles to build and once they do you can begin pushing a little harder. The goal may seem unattainable at this speed, and it is, but you will continually increase speed with every step, slow as it may seem. While in this process you’ll realize brute strength will only get you going so fast and that’s where form along with fitness comes in. Study hard. As far as the pointlessness of it all, well, that’s all in your mind.

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