Bluetooth Folding Keyboard, IKOS Wireless Mini Foldable Keyboard with Rechargeable Battery, Pocket Size, Slim Flexible Keypad, For iPad iPhone 6/7 Plus MAC Samsung Galaxy Tablet Android Microsoft PC

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Fantastic compact mini bluetooth keyboard (5/5 Stars)

I got this to accompany my iPad for a long train ride where I needed to do a bunch of writing, and didn’t want to lug around my heavy laptop. This mini keyboard on the other hand is super compact, lightweight, and was easy to squeeze into my stuffed backpack. The size was perfect to fit alongside my iPad on the little foldout table on the train. Although it’s obviously a bit smaller than a traditional keyboard, it’s not difficult to get used to so I was typing at full speed within minutes, and it sure beats the keypad on the iPad screen. The keyboard lasts for 45hrs so there is little worry about recharging it, and it can hold it’s charge for 2 months which is awesome. Overall I can happily recommend it

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