Sales of Used Audi Cars in Delhi and Other Indian States Grow

The luxury car market in India is witnessing some interesting trends even as the world GDP is witnessing slower recovery. Sales of used cars are increasing even as the demand for new cars is falling. It can be easily said that the fall in demand as well as sales of new luxury saloon cars are being compensated by the rising demand for used ones. The used cars give the users feel luxury and comfort at lowered price. Per industry estimates, the sales ratio of used luxury cars including Audi cars in Delhi and other parts of India is 1.3:1. This means that a new car is sold with the sale of 1.3 used cars.

What Market Reports point out as the Main reasons for Slowing Sales Growth of new Luxury Cars?

One of the main reasons of the dipping sales of new luxury cars is owed to the uncertain environment created due to the pending legal issues on diesel issue. In fact, there has been a sharp preferential tilt of consumer behaviour towards petrol cars. In this backdrop, the used car segment including that of used Audi cars in Delhi and other parts of the country are booming. If the available reports are to be believed, over the last few years the used car segment in the luxury car category witnessed a growth of over 30 per cent.

What are the Market Experts pointing out?

Now, let’s have a look at the first hand luxury vehicles segment. In the year 2015, the luxury car segment sold around 35,000 units, which clocks the growth rate at 13 per cent over previous year’s sales. In that section too, the sales of used cars was more in comparison to the new ones. With every single sales of a new luxury car, 1.3 units of used luxury cars are sold. In fact, the phenomenon of rising used vehicles sales can be seen in the bikes, cars, scooters, and airplanes too. The rate of buying used luxury cars is two times faster than that of the new ones. When luxury cars are mentioned, it essentially means cars that are priced up and above 10 lakhs.

Experts also say that the growth rate of used luxury car sales is 15 per cent, which is significantly more than the 9 percent sales growth of 9 per cent. In fact, the average price of luxury cars sold is believed to roam around Rs. 29.5 lakhs. Analysts believe the used luxury car segment is going to witness a growth of 16 per cent to 18 per cent.

Top Selling Used Luxury Cars

Reports reveal that the top selling used cars in Delhi and other parts of India are Audi A6, BMW 5 series, Audi A4, BMW 3 series, Jaguar XF, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.