How to mint through the contract [PRE SALE]

  1. Click on

2. Click on “Connect to Web3”
This will pop up a modal and you need to connect your MetaMask or WalletConnect compatible wallet with Etherscan.

3. If connected, the UI should update and your address should show up

4. Go to “5. preSale”

In the field titled “payableAmount (ether)”, type the total amount you’re going to buy, 0.069 x the amount.

Example: If you want to buy two Slapes, 0.069 x 2 = 0.138 (eth), so you type 0.138

In the field titles “minTotal (uint8)”, you put the amount of slapes you’re going to buy.

5. Click on “Write”

Your MetaMask modal will pop up again. Hit confirm if you decide to mint a SLAPE! Once the transaction succeeds, the slape will be in your wallet and you should be able to view it on OpenSea.


Sometimes MetaMask will show a very high gas price or an error. This means you dont have enough funds.




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