Fingerlings monkey market research

Fingerlings monkey,is a little monkey played on hands,which is launched by an company named WowWee.It is now welcomed by kids. Thus, we make a market research about this product.

Google trend analysis

We use English (blue) and Spanish (red) to search, it can be seen from the chart that the product has search interest curve starting from February to July in 2017.It began to soar since July. From the Google keyword planner, it can be seen that the average monthly search volume in the early 2017 to the present time is 1000–10000.


It is an electronic toys which can hung at your fingertips, pens, straws, and so on. You can shake its head and wink at it. It’s a popular electronic pet.

Key words: fingerlings monkey

3.Product picture

4. Social Medias


There are 70 posts about fingerlings monkey.


On Facebook, there is one page gets 316 likes. And there is one videowhich gets more than 40000 views,273 likes, 191 comments and 86 shares. (unrelated search)

The topic of this product on is not hot, with only 3 related posts and up to 18 messages

5. Crowdfunding and unit price research of similar products in the crowdfunding market

A: Kickstarter: No result

B: Indiegogo: No result

C: taobao crowdfunding: No result

D: jd crowdfunding: No result

E: suning crowdfunding: No result

6.This product is in the mainstream retail e-commerce platform retail price and the sales volume of each platform

On amazon, there are only a dozen products, with a single selling price in USD24–35, and the number of reviews is 29.

It ranked in 22nd in Amazon Hot New Release.

The product has not been found on fancy.

There are 19 products sold on wal-mart, belonging to the new series, and the single selling price is concentrated in the USD14–30, and the evaluation number is one.

There is one item on target.

The price of taobao mainly focuses on RMB195–500, with 22 pcs sold out at most.The unit price of the best seller is RMB 195.

7.On blogs such as twitter and blogs, foreign opinion leaders comment on and predict products

There are plenty of tweets about the product, and one of the tweets gets 29 retweets, seven likes and one comment.


There are 640 videoes about this product on YouTube.One video gets 2257091 views,17237 likes and 3251 comments. Views of other related videos is largely over 10 thousand.

9.patent issue

Launched by WowWee


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