In addition to being used as a scaffold, it is not the same as the traditional mobile phone case. It is an intelligent dormant cellphone case that time can be viewed on the front face and can answer the phone, so we conducted market research on this.
1 、Google trends
According to…

The first research time of this paper is Mar.15, 2018.
LED mask,this shiny, cool mask is perfect for parties, especially popular during Halloween.
1 、Google trends
According to the Google Trend, the interest of this product is rising in recent five years, and to the highest in October, 2017 and January, 2018. The…

This toothbrush is fully automatic, just press the button, it can complete the teeth cleaning in 10 seconds, a real lazy toothbrush. Once the product is launched on kickstarter, it raised €3198516, which is equivalent of RMB 24.94 million. According to Google trend, the interest soared to the highest in…


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