Your Son Called Our Son An ‘Idiot Sincratic’

Hi, Andre’ Hartslief here. Today I want to share with you a few viewpoints from my wife, who has seen more than a few burgeoning moments in my writing career, since 2009. She has seen the ups … the downs … my determination and desire to succeed … and how living the writer’s life has been the best decision I could have ever made…

Ask Daleen and she’ll tell you there are a lot of funny perks or spin-offs, to living with a writer.

“For openers, our 3 children — seem to use bigger words than a lot of other kids.” Daleen says, “which is all cool till you have to explain to another kids father why your son called his son an‘idiot — sincratic’ (idiosyncratic), which of course was calling his son’s mode of behavior or way of thought peculiar as an individual.

Our kids are adults themselves now and know all about grammar and punctuation, yet, they still end their sentences by saying, “Period.” Daleen freely admits that’s thanks to me having always kept the Thesaurus handy over the years when writing.

When Stuff Come Up

When I think seriously about it, there’s something deeper to being a retired guy living the writer’s life. for one, we get to enjoy a lot more quality family time because we don’t have to rush to 9-to-5 jobs and getting the kids to and from school. Any last-minute stuff that now comes up, Daleen’s on it!

For Daleen and I, it’s been a gigantic plus, that we can make big decisions based on what’s best for the two of us and not based on how it fits in with our work schedule. That’s just too cool. Yet there’s something else I benefit from, something I never expected when I first decided I wanted to start writing for a living. I had always hoped to be successful, I just never thought about all the really successful writers I would meet in this career, or how they’d influenced me.

The people I’ve met, and the ones that I have grown to be close friends with, aren’t anything like my regular, non writing friends. As an opener, writers appear to be happier folk. They all seem driven somehow, but in a more positive way. They talk about life goals, travel hopes, and adventures like they’re all things that will actually happen.

If there was one thing I could have changed, it would be to believe in myself a lot sooner and to take more risks much earlier.

Having met other writers from the all over the world, helped me gain the confidence that non writers either don’t understand or simply don’t know how to give. It’s invigorating, meeting other people who like the things you like and nurture the same huge aspirations. Why I call other writers my favorite kind of friends, is because they never raise their eyebrows when I tell them what I hope to accomplish with my writing.

The writing community, well, they are my kin, my tribe, my cronies. They are co-conspirators in the literary world.

You can have them too. Right now, if you like, draft a list of anybody you have that supports you on this level in your life. People whose outlooks support huge, out-of-the-box, quality-of-life decisions, people like the writers here on Medium, as you read my post and if you currently don’t have friends like these in your life ,who are both non judgmental and inspiring as other writers are, simply sign up on Medium or go and look into other local or online writing groups. I promise, you will definitely gain support among writers, having been an online writer since 2009, and having been part of this writer’s support system ever since. The international writing community is unique and priceless.

Share your thoughts and comments here and discover the meaning of what it is to become part of this incredible tribe.

Regards, Andre’ Hartslief

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