Superpedestrian commits to anti-racist changes in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement

Superpedestrian, Inc.
2 min readJun 5, 2020

As a transport company operating in public spaces, Superpedestrian is fully committed to taking an active role in anti-racist work to make our streets safer for people of color. We have been humbled by and stand in solidarity with protesters across the country demanding the dismantling of racist systems designed to oppress Black people, and other people of color.

Superpedestrian acknowledges that it has existed as part of such systems that perpetuate inequality which disproportionately impact Black Americans. We acknowledge that our leadership team specifically, and organization more broadly is not currently representative of the diverse communities we serve, and are committed to improving. We are rebuilding our culture to support a more inclusive organization, starting with the below actions:

1. Hiring practices.

  • The demographics of our organization should match the communities we operate in and serve. We commit to hiring employees that are representative of the demographics of the community.
  • In acknowledgement of the historic and current targeting of black and brown people by the criminal justice system, we commit to non-discriminatory practices where past infractions will not lead to automatic disqualification. Instead, we will review background checks on a case by case basis, requesting context from job applicants before making employment decisions. We will partner with local re-entry organizations to provide economic opportunity to formerly incarcerated individuals.

2. Building an inclusive culture.

  • Hiring BIPOC does not automatically create a safe space for those employees to thrive and do their best work. Macro and micro aggressions are not and will not be tolerated. We encourage our employees to report such behaviors, and our leadership commits to taking action against any perpetrators.
  • We will require mandatory anti-racist education for all employees. Advanced training will be required for all those in positions of power within the company. We will fund and support all employees in their education to becoming anti-racist.
  • We will encourage all employees to be civically engaged and support paid time off to employees engaging advocacy work or activist activities related to dismantling systemic racism.

3. Using our platform to advocate for transportation equity.

  • Transport infrastructure has been used as a tool to deepen the impacts of systemic racism. We commit to advocate for infrastructure that protects vulnerable road users and supports equitable transport access.
  • We will partner with local organizations in communities where we work to better understand how racism and transportation intersect. We will take these learnings to improve our deployment practices and lobby for structural changes.
  • We will partner with cities to use micromobility to provide transportation access in historically underserved areas.

Attribution: The Superpedestrian Management Team