Escaping black holes on the Internet
Doc Searls

This is a great article and strangely I came across it while debating the various discussions about A.I. that are being discussed within some of the fringe elements of the alternate media. I am probably taking the article in a way that it was not meant to and into the realm of future possibilities and conspiracy theories but the way that even the government admits to using our freely given data to use as a predictive control system means that the ‘net’ is now unstoppable bar the possible exception of a solar flare apocalyptical scenario.

The smart home and smart devices now being installed are data collectors of a whole new level. Data, so privacy invading when you think about it, that nobody would agree to without being deceived by the benefits of TV and media home entertainment systems.

The data I talk of is things like how often you flush the toilet, shower and even the trash you throw away. Now I may be paranoid etc but with iPhone's Siri listening all day and Facebook collecting everything about you and then denying the ability to remove it happening right now. What will happen to this data collecting parasite of the internet in ten years time if it gets out of control? How do you shut down something that is smarter than the current version described in this article?

Anyway great article and gave me lots to think about even if it probably wasn't what you are thinking about so I apologise if I have gone off topic!