Surrounded by Black mirrors

If you’ve watched any episode of the Netflix, Science fiction show-Black Mirror, Its safe to assume you’ve probably pondered about the fate of humanity in the near future.The unanticipated consequences of new technologies like Artificial intelligence and virtual reality as depicted in the show can be quite surreal and disturbing.

And then we shut our laptops and go back to our smart phones.

Technology has fully and irrevocable become an integral part of our lives and all those unintended consequences of new technologies are already happening and will continue to keep happening.

With Artificial Intelligence, we are merely creating an algorithm that makes decisions for us (In specific scenarios with relevant context) . We do that all the time, we tell corrupt governments to make decisions for us, we let corporate senior management to make decisions for thousands of employees and let cultural stake holders make decisions on what is appropriate or not appropriate.

A. I on the flip side doesn’t have any other personal motivation than the one we will eventually train it to do.The threat, If any is in the concentration of the Artificial intelligence capabilities within limited companies in a short span.

Which brings me to why

As it becomes clear that Artificial intelligence is a matter of when, not if.
Its time for us to move over our fears of A.I and engage with it, mold it and make it our own.

This story is not new and unfamilar but its the same story, the only story. 
The story of growth, of making mistakes and pushing our boundaries to reshape the world as leapfrog to the next big step .

2 years ago, we started working on an artificially intelligent chat system that (They would later be called chatbots) could interact with users and assist in making daily life easier, that journey has taken us down a rabbit hole of possibilities with Natural language processing and Artificial intelligence as we stay committed to chasing unreasonably high goals in an effort- to not be passive in this world surrounded by Black mirrors.

If we’ve learnt anything, It is that the future is already here.

and it isn’t a dystopia, Not yet!