The Supertext Story: From chat commerce to chat tech

Over 2.5 years old, Supertext is a creative technology company with a product that can help build apps within chat, design “Siri-like” agents to handle customer queries and automate recurring business processes

Supertext’s platform helps you build automated virtual agents and micro-apps on chat and voice

How did this start?

The original idea was simple: You have a chore in mind? Text us and we’ll have it done. For instance, you’d say “Hey, I need photos picked up from GK Vale” and our partners would do this for you, while you enjoyed your lazy Sunday.

What started off as a two week beta in our bedrooms with friends and interns, quickly grew to a service that saw hundreds of thousands of requests. Several chatty customers were leaving happy reviews and the free-flowing nature of chat meant we could provided variety in our services and personalization to that customer, all over a single interface — Chat.

Our business had two parts:
1. Chat-technology (to manage user conversations)
2. Operation-technology (Uber-like tech to manage field executives)

…. and we started with putting together blocks for Part 1 — Chat Technology

The Pivot
(Startup lingo for changing your line of business)

While catering to our growing community of users, simply off of Whatsapp and our Facebook page, it was clear that people loved chatting, even with businesses! They would “Whatsapp” local vendors and savvy customers would reach corporates on social media expecting services to be fast, reliable and fun.

Customers were reaching businesses over chat. It is convenient, non-intrusive and fast.

People are increasingly seeking personal experiences, even on the internet, just like they would at a physical store. Though the internet has so far provided scale, it is still a largely self-serve model. Catering to that level of traffic in a fast, reliable manner is impossible without the right technology.

Providing personalized experiences at scale was the big problem.

This is where the chat-tech we had been working on kicked in. The insight was that the infrastructure we were building for our “Get anything over chat” business had large potential as a platform that businesses worldwide could use to offer their services over chat (and now, voice).

From here, Supertext metamorphosed into a pure technology play and counts global leaders among its growing clientele.

A Tale of Two Cities

Through this journey, Supertext featured among top startups across the country, including rankings by organizations such as TiE. Soon after, was the journey with StartupBootcamp, a globally renowned startup accelerator programme connecting startups like ours with the industry’s best.

During this period, Supertext grew into Singapore and the company currently functions out of both, Bengaluru and Singapore. Funded and mentored by investors/corporate leadership from the two cities, we are excited with where conversational intelligence and A.I. is moving. We enable businesses across the world to provide customers with personalized experiences they deserve while scaling across global markets with a snap-your-finger level of ease.

A long list of people have helped us get to this point — the initial concierge team and field executives, designers, our developers, some very loyal customers and of course, our investors.

The two cities have also held special places in our hearts. 
We feel that Bangalore is way more than just an IT outsourcing destination. The city has a willingness to see things in a new light and looks forward into the future with optimism. It is this spirit that gives scrappy upstarts like us a fighting chance.
Singapore, on the other hand, functions like a well-oiled machine with a focus on productivity and efficiency while housing a number of global leaders.

The two cities have imbibed in us an insatiable quench for dreaming bigger and it is this spirit that keeps us pushing the boundaries of technology and consumer interaction, as we know it today.

Why do we write this story now? Because every once in a while, it helps to see the road you’ve taken, the place you’re at, and the direction you are headed.

Watch this space for more !