Getting your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is an interesting beast. There is so much video posted every second of the day it’s hard to compete. The same goes for platforms like twitter and Instagram, but the content is much more time consuming to create. Tweets can be created and sent in seconds-minutes. YouTube videos can take hours to create.

Everyone thinks getting your first 100 subscribers on YouTube is the hardest milestone to reach. I disagree. If you have a consistent work ethic, goals in mind and tune out the hate, each milestone is about the same difficulty. It simply requires a different approach.

Your influence on YouTube (page rank) is determined by YouTube’s algorithm. The part you can control is using proper tags, titles and keywords and rock solid content. Each video should be providing your viewer with huge amounts of value and asking for nothing in return.

As a small channel you need to not try and defeat Goliath on the first day. This means you shouldn’t record a bunch of Call of Duty and think your video is going to go viral. It’s far too saturated and every YouTuber with 100+ followers will rank above you. You need to play games that have competition equal or lower then your current channel size. Try to find under appreciated games that have small but active following. Immerse yourself in their forums and community. DO NOT SPAM, don’t bother spamming Facebook groups. It’s literally a waste of time. People don’t go there to see a giant feed of low quality gaming videos, they go there simply to spam their own videos.

Find a niche within your niche and as you grow you can take on bigger challenges (games, subjects etc…). Be kind to your followers and treat them like champions. They are what will make your channel successful. Give them value up front and ask nothing in return. Once in awhile make a big push for support on social media, subscribers etc… and you will be rewarded tenfold.

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