Leptigen: Does it Work for Weight Loss?


Meratrim is a combination of only two ingredients. Both of the ingredients are plant extracts. It mixes Sphaeranthus indicus flower heads with Garcina mangostana fruit rind. Vegetarian can safely take it as there is as it contains no diary or fish products.

Benefits from Meratrim alone help in losing weight. It has been clinically proven to help reducing weight as soon as within two weeks. You can reduce your waist in two weeks and your hips within eight weeks.


ChromeMate also goes by the name Chromium poly nicotinate. It is used to control cholesterol, blood glucose, as well as for weight loss. ChromeMate was first released in 1987 and was used to help stop sugar cravings. People that have used this have found to have more energy and fewer cravings. There is the clinical support to prove that ChromeMate does what it is advertised it is doing.

Green Tea

This tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. It is prepared by steaming the leaves and then letting them dry. The tea has been known for its improvement of mental alertness, but it is also good as a weight loss supplement. Some even say that it works to help prevent some cancers.


You probably not find a diet supplement that does not have caffeine in it. Most of the time we get our caffeine from coffee. It has been found effective in boosting the metabolism. There has been clinical researched conducted on caffeine and it was proven that it haws a positive effect on not only the metabolism but with cognitive functions.




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