Positive Benefits of Test X180 Ignite

Test X180 Ignite is made from natural ingredient Testofen, natural fenugreek seed extract. It increases testosterone levels by raising the level of luteinizing hormone (LH), pituitary hormone.

Increased testosterone level promotes protein synthesis and positive nitrogen balance which is the basis of increasing muscle cells. For athletes is very important that Test X180 Ignite supports rapid regeneration, which is the basis of more intensive and more effective training, as well as a gradual increase in muscle mass.

In the case of the introduction of testosterone, the human body stops producing it, so it has the effect of creating a very large muscle mass. Athletes use Test X180 Ignite to maintain an adequate level of testosterone and help increase muscle mass.

During the test which was carried out during the examination of the product, the greater number of the users noticed increased sexual activity, improved quality of sexual life, good mood and strength.

Daily dose:

- If you work out regularly, the daily dose of Test X180 Ignite is 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules before the training.

- If you do not work out regularly, the daily dose is 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with the lunch.


- Avena Sativa which is made from oats.

- Green tea extract which has very strong antioxidant effect.

- Horny goat weed, a herb that has been used for improving libido and increasing testosterone levels.

- White tea extract which has the same effect as green tea extract.

- Caffeine which helps you to control your appetite.

- Green coffee extract which is known as a fat loss product.

Test X180 Ignite, next to the increasing testosterone levels, also helps in burning fat. This is the only one supplement that gives you the positive results with the regular work outs. In addition, the immune system is much better, cholesterol in the blood is reduced and eventually the general psychological condition is rising to the next level.

Where to buy Test X180 Ignite?

It is produced by Force Factor. Their products provide lean muscles, safe recovery after intensive training, fat burning, and boost your sex activity, libido and energy. You can buy it on their official website or from local GNC. It costs $80, but you can buy it for much cheaper price on Amazon or Walmart, but you also need to add the shipping price.