Pump 2400 & TST 1700: Worthwhile Combo?

Unfortunately, as men age, our testosterone levels begin falling. Starting at the young age of 30 our testosterone levels can fall as much as 15% from where were were just a few years earlier. Lower testosterone leads to a litany of issues, including weaker erections, low sex drive, lower physical stamina, poor sleep, greater belly fat, and overall lack of energy. Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, there are some natural remedies to this challenge. One of the first things that men should do is to start lifting weights. Weight lifting helps to add muscle, which helps to boost the metabolism. Once you do that, you start burning off fat at a faster pace.

When you’re able to burn off fat faster, it helps stave off weight loss, and also helps boost up the amount of free testosterone that you have running through your body. The problem here is making sure that your body is working efficiently enough to pack on the right lean muscle mass you’re looking for.

The solution in this challenge is two-fold. First, it’s recommended that if you want to boost your testosterone levels that you take a Nitric Oxide booster like Pump 2400 in order to help your blood vessels expand while working out. A nitric oxide booster has secondary effects such as allowing blood to flow to other areas of your body much easier. Have you ever heard of Viagra? That’s a vasodiolator — a medication that expands the blood vessels. Pump 2400 has a similar effect because it also helps to expand the blood vessels.

Another thing that we recommend you do is to take a testosterone booster like TST 1700. When you combine this with Pump 2400, you have the best of both worlds. TST 1700 can help increase the amount of free testosterone that you produce, which will help you physically and mentally. When you have an increased amount of energy, you’re able to workout better. Pump 2400 will help make those workouts even more effective.

Combined together, they make a fantastic combination to help you increase your energy, motivation, focus, and muscle mass!