2 new Insta features that will kill Snap

Today Instagram rolled out a new app update in which they perfectly displayed how & why they will kill Snapchat in future.

Basically they introduced 2 new features:

  1. “Live” video feature is being enabled to almost everyone who has a big following in Instagram (According to their Instagram Story)
Screenshot of the Story from Instagram’s official account

After a bit research i found that may be this “Live” feature is enabled to those accounts having more than 10k followers. And i perfectly appreciate it, because if millions of people go live at same time then it will be very hard to maintain the next feature.

2. “Top Live Videos” are being showed in a compact way in search option.

2 steps to see this feature

I think that the way Instagram is choosing profiles to feature in the “Top Live Videos” is just 100–200 viewers. Means if you have the “Live” feature enabled and while going live if you have more than 100–150 viewers, your account will be randomly picked and displayed in “Top Live Videos”. Though once i saw a video having 68 viewers but still featuring in that tab. I think earlier that account had more than 100 viewers when it was featured but with time viewers decreased and Instagram didn’t remove that account from the tab.

As this feature is completely new, so some mishaps may be there but with time, Instagram will the big daddy in Social Media. I highly suggest you to do more “LIVE” videos to engage more people in your account.

As we all know Engagement=Followers.

And whole research for this article is done from here.