Facebook is eating the news

44% of US adults get news on Facebook.

The latest Pew report on US adults, News use across social media platforms 2016 highlights the rapid progress social media has made in the world of news consumption. The growth in percentage of users who get news on social sites has been dramatic. None more than Facebook where 66% of their users now get news on the site, up from 47% three years back.

Key findings:

1. 62% of US adults get news on social media. 18% do so often.

2. 66% of Facebook’s, 59% of Twitter’s and 70% of Reddit’s users get
news on the site

3. 67% of US adults use Facebook. Which means 44% of US adults get
news on Facebook.

4. Additionally, 10% of US adults get news on Twitter and You Tube each.

5. Most social media news consumers (64%) get news on one site-most
commonly Facebook

6. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram users most likely to happen upon news.
But LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit users are more evenly divided between
active news seekers and non seekers

7. Instagram stands out in its profile as young, non-White and 40%
Democrat. All other groups are mainly white.

8. Percentage of women is higher on most sites except YouTube and LinkedIn

News organisations will view this rapid shift in the place of content consumption either as an opportunity or a threat. The view they take will play a big role in determining their future.

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